The Important Steps To Should Take After A Car Wreck

The Important Steps To Should Take After A Car Wreck

In a matter of moments, a car accident can change your life. You could be suffering from serious injuries that will require medical attention. You could miss work, need to arrange child care, gather medical information and file a claim with the insurance company, all while trying to recover from a traumatic event that wasn't your fault.

At Green & Delan, LLC, in Alpharetta & Peachtree Corners, GA, we understand just how overwhelming the aftermath of a serious car accident can be. We know all you want is someone compassionate who will guide you through the process of filing a personal injury claim. Our lawyers can help you do this by first having you follow these five steps:

  1. Get to a doctor as soon as possible. The road to recovery starts with seeking immediate medical attention. We encourage you to call right after the crash and to take an ambulance to the hospital — even if you think you're all right. Insurers are looking for consistent treatment meaning if you don't get medical attention right away, you could invalidate your claim.
  2. Get all insurance policy information, including from the household and your dependants. Without doing a thorough review of all applicable insurance policies, you could be leaving much needed money on the table. Personal injury attorney Jim Green knows what to look for in a policy and can help you determine how much is available in your case.
  3. Have police conduct a thorough investigation. Not only will the insurance company be looking at the police report, but so will we. If police determine that the other driver was negligent, we can use that to help bolster your personal injury case. We need may even be able to seek punitive damages.
  4. Take photos of any physical injuries, damage to your vehicles and the location of the crash. Document everything, no matter how small the detail might seem. If there were witnesses to the crash, make sure they give a statement to police and you obtain a copy for your records.
  5. Keep weekly journals then send them to our attorneys. Keeping a journal of the pain you're experiencing, the number of visits you've had with your doctor, the types of prescriptions you're taking and how many treatments you've received can be incredibly useful when negotiating with the insurance company or filing a personal injury lawsuit. We encourage you to address all entries to our attorneys because it designates your entries as an attorney-work product, which allows us to use this information to benefit your claim.

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