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How does cognitive distraction endanger drivers?

Cognitive distraction, which may be behind an ongoing rise in serious car crashes, can cause a number of performance impairments that drivers may overlook. Last year, fatal car crashes reached an unprecedented high here in Georgia, with over one thousand lives lost in these tragic accidents. Alarmingly, the state is on pace to set a

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Fatal car accidents are becoming more common in Georgia

Georgia traffic fatalities are on pace to increase for the first time in several years. Driver distraction may be one factor behind this alarming trend. As most people in Alpharetta know, over the last few decades, vehicle safety technology has improved and traffic laws have become stricter. This may help explain the general decline in

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Drunk Driving Dangers In Georgia

April is Alcohol Responsibility Month, making now a good time for residents in and around Alpharetta to take a good look at the true risk that drunk drivers pose. With spring break season and upcoming proms and graduation events, the danger of drinking and driving among teens is also of concern at this time of

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